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From the Landing

  • "The Landing was moving. It has changed the trajectory of our spiritual life and how God can and will use our home."
  • "I was struck by how many people I didn’t know coming into the Landing who lived only one street or one common friend away. Tonight built up the network of disciples around me. That is a huge win for my wife and I to know we are literally surrounded by others living out the same mission."
  • "God told me at the Landing, I can be free of the fear of being known and finally start taking my place at the table."


The Launch

  • "I’ve never felt like I’m ready to lead others. I always think I need more information, more training. I’m finally ready to no longer use my perception of my readiness as an excuse. Instead I can now embrace my weakness, and let God use all that he has already given me to give back to others through discipling."
  • "It’s so easy to second guess yourself when you’re leading a huddle. The Launch was a deep encouragement and inspiration. To look around at hundreds of other leaders who all raise their hands to say, I feel unqualified, and this is hard, but who don’t give up and press on anyway."
  • "The energy in the room was tangible. People were cheering before even the first words from stage. I’ve never been so proud to be a part of a community who cares to see the city changed, and follows Jesus’ example on how to do it."