Discipler led.
Weekly for one year.
Jesus deep.

Huddle trains people to become disciplers. It immerses participants in the core characteristics and competencies of Jesus— so that after a year, those participants are ready to lead others through the same process. Huddles exist to start more Huddles.

Huddle Leaders give participants in-depth access to their lives, lead by story and example, and hold their group accountable to following through on Jesus’ movement in their lives. (No leader is perfect, and personalities run the gamut, but this is reality: We’re all designed to spread the news of Jesus. And He will lead us as leaders.)

huddle participant resources

Huddle Participant Guide

The Huddle Participant Guide is being revised to match the new guide. Please check back later for when that's released.

huddle leader resources

Leader Training

Ready to lead? Come get trained.

Leader Guide

Revised July 2017

Teaching Videos

Informal teachings on story, scripture and shapes.

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